Finishing Product for 3D Printed Parts

New Product Alert: PolyRes UV Curable Resin

Powder based printers produce 3D printed parts that can have great spacial complexity, yet the intricate design comes at a cost. Final products can be prone to breakage, which is time consuming and expensive to fix.

As a solution to this common problem, our new product PolyRes is a finishing resin that can be applied to a 3D printed part, and then cured under UV light to make it incredibly strong and seal from breakage.

There is no waste during the process, because PolyRes is fully reusable until it’s UV-cured. It won’t dry in the air and it won’t cure indoors under incandescent lighting.


The printed part should be baked at around 150°F to remove excess moisture prior to application of the curable resin, and baked again after UV curing. 


Posted on June 9, 2014 and filed under 3D Printing.