Cyanoacrylate Infiltrant for 3D Models


Cyanoacrylate Infiltrant for 3D Models


Impregnante your gypsum based 3D models to provide spectacular colors, superior strength, and other specific properties. The clarity of the 3D FIX allows light to pass through, making its colors appear more vibrant and full after infiltration, perfect for great looking concept models.

Our impregnation and infiltration system have been specifically formulated to effectively penetrate the part better than competitive processes. The lower viscosity of our 3DFix allows the resin to soak into the porous surface without leaving a thick film on the top surface


  • Models Pop & Stand Out with Color
  • Low out-gassing
  • Low odor, non-blooming
  • Low viscosity
  • Makes your 3D models up to 6 times stronger in tensile strength
  • Giving you stronger, durable and long-lasting models
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