PolyRes UV Curable Resin


PolyRes UV Curable Resin


UV curable post-treatment product that makes 3D printed parts stronger and more durable. 946ml bottle.

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Now you can post cure your 3D parts quickly and easily.  PolyRes is a liquid resin that cures under UV light or sunlight. Use it safely indoors under incandescent or fluorescent light and cure it with UV light or sunlight.  UV light wavelength should be between 365nm-395nm.

Parts cured with the resin are less fragile and susceptible to damage. After treatment, parts can be sanded down, painted or just put on display.

Curing Steps: 

1. Bake part in oven for 2-4 hours to remove excess water before curing part. If you have convection, it helps the curing process. Oven temperature should be around 150°F (80°C).
2. Place paper towels or lint-free clothes out to catch excess PolyRes. 
3. Pour PolyRes Light into plastic container (LDPE works well) for dipping. 
4. Either dip part or brush PolyRes onto the part. If you can fully submerge the part, let it sit under the fluid until all the bubbles escape. 
5. Allow excess PolyRes to drain from part so it can be reused. 
6. To prevent pooling (shiny spots) wipe the part with a paper towel, a lint free towel or dry brush to remove excess. 
7. Once you are happy with the surface, place in sunlight for 2-5 minutes or under UV light (times will vary). Optimal wavelength is 365nm. 
8. Part can be put back in the oven to finish the cure for 1-2 hours. 

You can store PolyRes Lite in plastic container with lid in a cool dry place. The resin with not cure until light hits it. However open containers and/or heat will cause Polyres to get thicker.